Book Bingo Reading extended!

Adult Book Bingo Readers, how would you like an extension until the end of August? We haven’t had many bingos redeemed (it was an ODD summer to say the least) and we’d love to award some blackout prizes as well. Make sure you take part of our Alphabetical Author Book Bingo. If you haven’t started or heard about it yet pick up a card at the Satanta Library today. All you have to do is check-out and read a book by an author whose last name begins with “each” letter of the alphabet (we gave you a break on some…). Check-outs must be from our Young Adult and Adult sections but check-outs from the Kansas State Library databases will also count!
Up to three bingos may be redeemed for a 20 oz. drink coupon from the Satanta Grocery, with a Black-out prize awarding you a Triple J’s gift certificate! Reading is REWARDING!

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