Some Space Themed websites to check out with the kiddos

Who knows! You might learn something new yourself!

Here’s a list of websites and apps to check out on the latest in space news and information!



NASA (Free) 
It makes sense that NASA would have a great app, and this app does a wonderful job of teaching you about space. Providing you with over 15,000 images, and all the latest news within astronomy, there’s a lot to take in. You can also view over 13,000 NASA videos, check out upcoming sighting opportunities and watch live NASA TV.


2. ISS Spotter (Free) 
Spotting the International Space Station is a fun activity to partake in, but knowing when to look is the tricky part. ISS Spotter offers a forecast of visible passes, enabling you to set alarms so you’ll always be on time to check it out. Its built in compass and other tools make it easy for you to gaze at the ISS as it passes over us.


3. Solar Walk Ads+ (Free) 
Solar Walk Ads+ is a free interactive space encyclopedia. You can use it to view a detailed and attractive 3D model of our solar system, allowing you to navigate easily through the universe. You can explore all the planets in real time, check out their current positions, and learn interesting facts about each of them.


4. Star Chart (Free) 
Star Chart hasn’t been updated in a while, but it’s still a great augmented reality astronomy app. Simply point your iPhone at the sky, and Star Chart will tell you exactly what you’re looking at. It’ll provide insight into planets, stars and moons, even in broad daylight. It’s a fun way of making everything seem a little closer.


5. SkyView ($1.99) 
SkyView works in a similar way to Star Chart, with the benefit of providing information on 88 different constellations. You can scan the sky with the app, taking in some beautiful sights. Apple Watch connectivity provides you with information on what will be visible tonight, with a Today Widget allowing you to see when celestial events will occur.


6. Night Sky (Free) 
Want to view things via augmented reality but with the benefit of even more celestial objects? Night Sky is the solution. Utilizing iOS 10’s Metal, you can check out 115,000 new celestial objects, as well as accurate recreations of lunar landing sites. Tied into your Apple Watch, you can use your wrist as a celestial compass, moving backwards and forwards in time to see how things would look.


7. Space Images (Free) 
Thanks to NASA, you can view thousands of stunning hi-res photos of space via this app. It’s possible to check out stars, planets, the sun and more. Sharing is a breeze, along with checking out new facts via the app’s captioning system. It’s not as feature rich as some apps, but it does provide plenty of beautiful pictures.


8. Exoplanet (Free) 
Exoplanet is a visual and interactive catalogue of all known exoplanets, or planets orbiting stars beyond our own Solar System. The app is regularly updated whenever new discoveries are made, allowing you to view a model of the Milky Way and see how things are changing. An augmented reality sky map means you can always look up to the sky to find an exoplanet.


9. GoSatWatch ($9.99) 
GoSatWatch makes it easy to track satellites in real time. By using the app you can check out what satellites are above you at all times, with an overhead sky track view. Visible and 24 hour pass predictions are available, along with data on determining dish orientation for geostationary satellites. It might be a little niche for some but it’s interesting stuff.


10. Pocket Universe ($2.99) 
Pocket Universe will guide you around the night sky, like the best kind of astronomy. You can use it to explore the Solar System, taking virtual walks on the surface of the Moon and Mars. Pop-up information is provided each step of the way, along with a list of suggestions, and updated news.

June’s Summer Library Program Calendar

“Universe of Stories”
Something for EVERYONE!
Adults, stop by for your Book Bingo cards to get in on the action! New this year are the weekly Friday afternoons (2pm) with teens!

Stop by the library for more information on reading and attendance requirements for our Summer Reading grand prize, an out of this world trip to Hutchinson Cosmosphere!!

New CloudLibrary app

CloudLibrary is a great way to get free ebooks and some audios through a Kansas State Library card! Stop by your library to sign up for the free Kansas Library card and discover all it has to offer! Here’s a link to a great walk-thru of the redesigned CloudLibrary app being released February 4th! It’s so easy to maneuver now and totally worth a look around!

Crochet Classes for Kids and Adults!

The library will provide hooks for new students. Students that participated in previous classes please bring your hooks and yarn provided to you then.

Some yarn available at class for use.

If you are out and about and would like to buy a skein of your choice of color some yarn recommendations are:
Red Heart yarn (Walmart) has a good worsted weight for beginner crocheters.

Hobby Lobby’s choice of yarn would be the “I Love This Yarn” brand.  

Kids-only class will be offered right after school at the library: 

Tuesday, June 18th
from 2:30 to 3:30 pm.

Adult “Books and Hooks” Club will also meet

Tuesday, June 18th
from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m.

For new and old, beginners to professionals, this is a club for all crocheters of all kinds!
Hope to see all you crafty people here!!

Wee Wigglers!!

Wee Wigglers will start up again Wednesday, June 5th

This is a free program for ages lap-sit (with parents’ supervision) to age 5 available at the library!

Classes are geared toward learning letters, shapes, and colors!

Classes meet for an hour every Wednesday morning from 11 – 12,
unless otherwise posted!

Will we see your kiddos?

Summer Library Program sessions will run from
June 5th to July 10th!